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Multicolored Rubber Bands

Playground Flooring

Rubber mulch, wet-pour and artificial grass for school playgrounds

Looking for playground safety surfaces for your school?

When it comes to creating a safe and enjoyable playground environment for children, there's one crucial element that cannot be overlooked – playground safety surfacing.

At Signet Play, we understand the significance of providing a cushioned and secure surface where children can run, jump, and play without unnecessary risks. Our range of playground safety surfacing options ensures that children can explore their imagination while parents and caretakers have peace of mind.

Rubber Mulch Safety Surface

Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is a impact-absorbing layer made from bonded recycled rubber.

Impact absorbing safety surface

Wet Pour Safety Surface

Wet Pour

Wet pour combines rubber crumb and a binder to create a smooth safety surface.

Impact absorbing safety surface

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

A synthetic alternative to natural grass for a low-maintenance playground surface 

Impact absorbing safety surface

Rubber mulch safety surface around playground equipment

Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch safety surface is a cushioned and impact-absorbing layer made from recycled rubber, designed to minimize the risk of injuries from falls in playgrounds.

Water passes through via the natural gaps in the surface

Stays in one place unlike bark chips

Weather resistant & long lasting

Available in a wide variety of standard & mixed colours

Rubber Mulch. The best playground safety surface?

Rubber mulch is a hard-wearing and soft rubberised surface composed of shredded rubber bound together. It's available in a range of vibrant colours. Primarily designed for playgrounds and areas where children play, it offers a safe and long-lasting surface.

Commonly found in school playgrounds, nursery outdoor areas, and dedicated sections of children's play parks, rubber mulch provides a soft texture and impact resistance, making it non-hazardous for children and acting as a protective barrier against falls.

Rubber mulch is an excellent choice for uneven terrain or hard-to-reach spots due to its versatile properties. With minimal preparation required, it can be applied to almost any ground and exhibits high resistance to undergrowth sprouting, making it perfect for exterior paths, tracks, and perimeter areas.

In addition to its suitability for various applications, rubber mulch is environmentally friendly, being made from recycled tyres shredded into bark-like pieces and bonded together to create the final product.

Rubber mulch often presents a cost-effective alternative to wet pour material, as it requires less groundwork prior to installation. If any groundworks are necessary, they are typically shallow and considered surface-level due to the installation methods of rubber mulch.

During installation, the rubber mixture is prepared on-site and evenly spread over the project area. Once the installers achieve a smooth surface finish, the mixture is left to set for 24 hours, ensuring optimal performance.

With an average lifespan ranging from 8 to 10 years, depending on placement and usage, rubber mulch offers longevity and superior performance. In comparison to traditional bark mulch, which degrades and erodes within 4 to 6 years, rubber mulch provides a far superior option.

Available Colours (Click to Expand)

Rubber Mulch Colours
Wet Pour safety surface

Wet Pour

Wet pour is a type of playground safety surface utilises rubber crumb and a binder to create a durable, slip-resistant, and impact-absorbing surface for children to play on.

Smoother surface than rubber mulch

Patterns and shapes can be incorporated into the design

Weather resistant & long lasting

Available in a wide variety of standard & mixed colours

Wet Pour Playground Surfacing: Colourful Rubberised Surface

Wet pour playground surfacing is a soft and rubberised material that is available in a wide range of colours, making it a popular choice for vibrant and visually appealing play areas. Created from recycled rubber pellets, this customisable material allows for unique and detailed designs, including school logos and names.

The recycled rubber composition of wet pour provides excellent properties for children's play areas, combining a soft and comfortable feel with impact resistance. Its sponge-like texture ensures a safe and cushioned step, reducing the risk of injuries during play.


We offer wet pour in various colour combinations to suit your preferences. Whether you desire a mix of four colours or a single colour throughout, our team can create the perfect playground surface to match your design vision.

The installation process for wet pour varies depending on the nature of your outdoor area and whether you plan to incorporate physical play equipment. For single-layered installations, we ensure the proper groundwork and preparation, including the installation of a compatible base material such as stone or macadam on a well-leveled surface.

While wet pour installation may require more time and attention compared to other surfaces, the result is well worth the process. The durable and visually captivating playground surface will provide endless hours of safe and enjoyable play for children.

Available Colours (Click to Expand)

Wet pour colour range
Artificial grass on a muga pitch

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a synthetic alternative to natural grass, providing a realistic and low-maintenance playground surface that offers softness, durability, and a natural appearance for children to enjoy.

Long-lasting, withstands heavy use and foot traffic

Low-maintenance, no mowing or watering required​

Safe and non-toxic

Available in a wide variety of standard & mixed colours

Artificial Grass - No more mowing or watering!

Artificial grass is a hassle-free solution that closely resembles real grass but eliminates many of its drawbacks. Say goodbye to mud, as artificial grass quickly drains water and requires little to no maintenance, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Made from UV-resistant materials, artificial grass maintains its vibrant appearance throughout the years without fading or deteriorating.  In nursery and school environments, artificial grass is gaining popularity due to its ability to provide a realistic grass experience without the drawbacks associated with natural grass. We can install small grass-like sections within soft play areas for a diverse sensory experience or convert entire fields into convenient all-weather solutions.

The all-weather properties of artificial grass make it an increasingly popular choice for sports areas in educational settings, private gyms, and other athletic setups. Its resilience and durability ensure long-lasting performance, even with intense use.


The installation process for artificial grass falls within a moderate range. It involves preparing the surface to ensure a smooth finish and then allowing the grass to settle for 24 hours before use. Our professional team handles every step to guarantee a high-quality installation.

At Signet Play, we source high quality proven materials, ensuring premium quality and durability for our artificial grass surfaces. This direct purchasing allows us to offer competitive prices and cater to almost any budget, making artificial grass a viable solution for projects of any size.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and benefit from exceptional artificial grass solutions.

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