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Basketball Court Markings for Schools

playground basketball court


School Basketball Courts are not only marked out inside sports halls, but they can also be marked onto the playground surface itself using thermoplastic line markings. These court markings can be added to existing courts, or even marked out as an entirely new marking on your playground.

Throughout this article, we offer helpful advice and suggestions to those of you looking at including a basketball court marking within your school playground. If you're just looking for a few quick notes however, we've included the key takeaways below.

Key Takeaways

  • Basketball court markings can be sized to suit the playground.

  • We use thermoplastic lines which last up to ten times as long as paint.

  • The thermoplatic lines have an anti-grip property within them. Safety first!

  • Wide choice of colours to choose from.

  • We offer basketball hoops too!

Basketball Court Playground Markings

Back in the early days of basketball, the court was made up of simple peach baskets at either end of a room. It's come a long way since then, and we now use thermoplastic line markings outdoors onto the playground surface to define the court. The versatility and hardwearing nature of thermoplastic makes it an ideal material to use for all types of sports courts. It's hard wearing, slip resistant and thanks to its straightforward installation a full court can easily be installed within a day.

basketball court playground markings

What are thermoplastic basketball courts?

To put it simply, thermoplastic is a special type of polymer that softens and becomes mouldable when enough heat is applied. The hot thermoplastic melts into the nooks and crannies of the tarmac on the playground surface. When it cools, it hardens forming a durable, long-lasting bond with the surface.

Thermoplastic comes in a wide range of colours, giving our customers the option of customising their court design to suit the school. Installation is quick and straightforward. It's ten times more durable than traditional paint, requites minimal maintenance or touch-ups, and are highly resistant to UV, meaning the bright colours and crisp lines will stay that way. In short.. it's a far better material to use than paint.

Thermoplastic playground markings contain a non-slip beading, which is an especially important feature when used in sports courts. At Signet Play, another additional layer of non-slip beading is added during installation, giving you a little extra peace of mind.

This all adds up to a court line marking which exceeds the required slip resistence values.

Benefits of using Thermoplastic Markings for Basketball Courts

Durability and Longevity

Basketball relies a lot on speed and precision -- which means the court must provide a safe and consistent surface for the players. Patchy lines, or poor quality of the court can significantly effect gameplay, perhaps even safety - but thermoplastics are hardwearing enough to withstand the vigorous demands of the sport, game after game after game. Unlike traditonal paint that fades and wears away under the relentless dribbling, pivoting and cutting, thermoplastic lines remain crisp, bright and clear for longer, meaning court boundaries and key areas are always visible & grippy - crucial for both fair play and safety.

Maintenance and Cost-Effectiveness

For basketball courts, where regular use is a given, the low maintenance and high durability of thermoplastic markings translate to significant savings and convenience. Facilities Managers can allocate their resources and attention to other aspects of the school playground rather than worrying about frequent court maintenance. The initial investment in thermoplastic markings pays off in the long run, with the court remaining in top condition for years, ensuring that the game never stops.

Safety Features

Basketball is a sport known for dynamic movements and high-intensity action. Thermoplastic playground markings offer non-slip properties that are essential for preventing slips and falls, especially during particularly enthusiastic play or sudden changes in direction. The bright colours and durable lines aren't just for the players; they're unmistakable visible to onlookers too, ensuring there's never any confusion about the court boundaries. Helpful to prevent inadvertant wanderers!

Court Customisation

Just like all of our playground markings, courts and games, our basketball court markings are fully customisable. Whether you want a different colour, size, or to incorporate it with other sports courts to create a dynamic MUGA, we can help. Get in touch to talk through your ideas, or book a free site survey and we'll see what we can do.

Installing Thermoplastic Line Markings

Our expert team of playground markers make installation a breeze. The design is laid out and heat applied, melding the thermoplastic lines seamlessly with the playground's surface. The main tool of the trade is a tool similar to a roofing torch, which never fails to fascinate onlookers, and might just spark a science lesson or two. The result is a smooth, even surface with no sticky-out bits or lumpy bumps, and a brand new basketball court that's ready when you are.

playground marking installation

Our team can also reapply markings to your current court. Althought it depends on how much of the current court is still visible.  If the existing lines are faint but largely intact, we can overlay the new thermoplastic markings directly, revitalizing your court with minimal disruption. However, in cases where the original markings have significantly faded or worn away, a more comprehensive assessment will be required to ensure the best possible outcome. No worries, we can offer this assessment as part of our free site survey.

The Popularity of Basketball

Basketball is the second most popular sport in the USA. Not only do events such as the NBA Tournaments yield massive viewing figues, but over 26 million Americans play basketball regularly themselves — more than any other team sport. It's a high school staple, so it's no surprise that this enormous sporting phenomenon has made its way across the pond to the UK where it is governed by the British Basketball League.


If you'd like to know more about our basketball court markings or other sports courts, get in touch, or book a free site survey. We can talk you through the ins and outs of installation and the details of design — and with sports premium funding on the way, there's no better time!

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