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Exercise Tracks & Playtime at Warwick School


Here at Signet Play, we're excited to share our journey in transforming Warwick School's playground (near Birmingham) with our innovative exercise tracks. This project reflects our dedication to enhancing children's physical activity in an engaging way.

Material and Safety Features

We chose PREMARK™ preformed thermoplastic for its exceptional durability and safety. The anti-slip finish ensures that children can play safely, aligning with our commitment to top-notch safety standards.

Design and Customisation

Our team expertly tailored these tracks to Warwick School’s specific needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to create unique playgrounds that fit any space, no matter the size or shape.

Exercise and Engagement

We designed the tracks with various sections, each focusing on different muscle groups through hopping, running, skipping, balancing, and jumping. It’s a fun, comprehensive way for kids to exercise.

Educational and Physical Benefits

At Signet Play, we understand the importance of physical play in children’s cognitive development. These tracks are not just about fitness; they're tools for encouraging .

Community and School Feedback

The feedback from Warwick School has been overwhelmingly positive. Seeing the children’s increased engagement and joy in physical activities has been incredibly rewarding for us.


This project at Warwick School stands as a testament to our commitment to innovating playground design. We are proud to be at the forefront of creating spaces that combine fun and fitness using thermoplastic markings.

Additional Information and Contact

For more information about our work and how we can transform your school's playground, or our exercise track markings, please contact us.

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