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A Guide to Hatched Bay Car Park Markings

Hatched bay car park markings


While you've been thinking about brightening up one large open expanse of asphalt, there's another (arguably less fun but just as well-used) crying out for a bit of TLC; the school car park. This area needs clear and concise markings which ensure the safety of the people walking through this area.

At Signet Play, we're more than just hopscotch. Our road traffic markings not only enhance the safety and functionality of school car parks but also bring a touch of clarity and order to the bustling environment, ensuring that every drop-off and pick-up runs as smoothly as our melted thermoplastic.

Hatched car park bay markings in particular can be used to guide and organise traffic during the busy periods of drop off and pick up, when there's a high volume of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Providing clear guidance to all road users about where they can and cannot stop helps keep the flow of traffic moving steadily during peak times — not just for busy parents, but also members of the public who may only be passing, and local residents who may live in the direct vicinity of the school.

Key Takeaways

  1. Fully customisable.

  2. Durable and long-lasting.

  3. Universally understood.

  4. Promotes considerate road use.

  5. Improves traffic flow.

What are Hatched Bay Car Park Markings?

Hatched bay markings are cross-hatched or diagonally striped road markings used to indicate areas where parking or stopping is prohibited, usually if regular or emergency access is required, or traffic needs to keep flowing smoothly. On public roads, they help to improve safety by reducing the risk of accidents and encourage drivers and pedestrians to stay aware of their surroundings. When specifically used in parking areas, they are designed to help regulate parking and prevent obstructions.

By designating certain areas as no parking or stopping zones, it helps keep the road clear for vehicles (including emergency vehicles) to pass through easily, particularly in places that might be at risk of congestion or cars parked inconsiderately.

Hatched road markings

What are they made from?

Just like our range of playground markings, our hatched bay markings are made from high quality thermoplastic materials, a unique type of polymer that becomes pliable when heated. Thermoplastic is also much more hardwearing than traditional paint, and lasts up to ten times longer, making them perfect to cope with the wear and tear of tyres.

Benefits of Hatched Bay Markings

Improved Pedestrian Safety

By using road markings to designate specific areas for stopping or parking, and preventing it in others, you can discourage people from stopping their vehicles in ways that might cause obstructions for other drivers or pedestrians.

Clear Guidance for Drivers

Whether they're on a busy high street or in a school car park, the meaning is universal, making them easy for all drivers and pedestrians to understand, regardless of their reason for using the school car park. This helps to avoid confusion, and reduces the likelihood of of drivers inadvertantly parking somewhere they shouldn't.

Better traffic flow

They help to maximise the use of available space and organise traffic flow, preventing vehicles from stopping in a way that does not obstruct other road users. This is particularly important in a school car park, where space to stop may be in high demand.

How much do they cost?

The cost of hatched car park markings does vary quite a bit depending on factors such as the size, shape and quality of the surface. The average can range from £600 to £2200, which is why we offer free site surveys and consultations. Book yours today, and we can take a look at your space and give you a personalised quote.

Where can you install them?

If you're considering installing some hatched bay markings in your car park, you might be wondering where the best place for them is. In a school setting, they're a good option for areas such as loading bays, single-car roads, maintenance areas, or a 'Keep Clear' area in front of the school building.


With our top-tier thermoplastic markings, we offer a durable, long-lasting solution to keep traffic flowing smoothly and safeguard our community during those peak drop-off and pick-up times. Our aim is not only to brighten up these spaces with high-quality markings but also to instil a sense of order and safety that benefits everyone - from busy parents and school staff to local residents and the wider public. Investing in hatched bay markings is investing in the well-being of our school community, ensuring that every journey to and from school is as safe and efficient as possible. Let’s transform your school car park into a model of safety and efficiency.

Contact us today for your free site survey and personalised quote, and take the first step towards a safer, more organised school environment.


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