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Road Track Safety Markings for Schools


In the realm of child safety, one playground marking often overlooked is the role of road track safety markings.

These seemingly simple lines and symbols hold immense potential for enhancing road safety among students. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the world of road track markings, examining why they are needed, their numerous benefits, creative applications, and their role in teaching vital concepts such as bike safety. Drawing from both experience and expertise, we will guide you through the importance of these markings in helping children learn basic road safety principles.

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Road Track Safety Markings

Road track safety markings play a pivotal role in establishing the groundwork for a secure and enriching school playground environment. A school is able to create a safe traffic free space in their playground where young children can be taught road safety, cycling proficiency and enjoy playing with scooters / bikes & trikes.

In essence, road track safety markings are not just painted lines; they are the educational cornerstone upon which children can learn to play / live / cycle safely.

Girl standing on zebra crossing

Benefits of Road Track Safety Markings

Unveiling the numerous advantages that these markings bring to school playgrounds:

1. Visual Learning

  • Engaging Education: Road track safety markings are more than just lines and symbols in a book or on a board. They're large 'living' spaces in the playground where you can learn how to safely cross a zebra crossing or how to 'stop. look. listen'.

  • Traffic Awareness: These markings also serve as a canvas on which children can explore and understand common road signs and symbols. We're able to include any road traffic signs you like or think would be of benefit to the children. In our experience they learn to recognize stop signs, pedestrian crossings, and other crucial symbols, preparing them for real-world road situations very quickly when they can practice on a road track safety marking.

2. Enhanced Physical Activity

  • Active Play: Beyond their educational value, road track safety markings promote physical activity and play. Children are encouraged to be active participants in games and activities that incorporate these markings. Running, hopping, and whizzing along on their bikes / scooters / trikes following the marked pathways not only keeps kids physically active but also ensures this type of play occurs in a safe designed space.

  • Coordination Development: As children navigate the marked pathways, they subconsciously refine their motor skills and coordination. The act of following the tracks, whether that's running, riding or scooting all help improve these skills.

In essence, the benefits of road track safety markings extend far beyond their role in safety and education. They foster an environment where learning is enjoyable, physical activity is promoted, and essential motor skills are developed - all in a safe designated play area in your school playground.

Bike Safety

Road track safety markings pave the way for a bike-friendly environment within the school playground. They create a dedicated space where children can safely practice cycling or assist with the cycling proficency test. All whilst free from the worries of oncoming traffic. This designated area ensures that young cyclists can hone their skills without the usual hazards of busy streets, providing a reassuring and confidence building area for learning.

Dedicated Bike Lanes: We can install your road track in any way you like. If you're looking for a road track which is focused on cycling proficiency, then dedicated bike lanes emerge as a key feature. These marked lanes offer a distinct and protected space for cycling activities. Children can follow these pathways, gaining familiarity with the concept of designated bike lanes and understanding the importance of staying within these boundaries for their safety and that of others.

Traffic Rules: These markings often replicate real-world traffic scenarios, complete with stop signs, pedestrian crossings, and no entry / one way symbols. As young cyclists navigate these markings, they naturally learn to follow traffic rules, stop at intersections, and yield to pedestrians, all while within the confines of the school premises.

Large road track playground marking

Road Track Playground Marking

15 x 18m

Our road track markings can be customised to fit your playground spaces.

Road safety Concepts

Zebra Crossing Safety: Road track safety markings play a pivotal role in teaching children the importance of zebra crossings. Our zebra crossing markings help children develop a fundamental understanding of how to use one safely and cross the road in safety.

Stop, Look and Listen: This simple yet crucial concept instills a sense of caution and mindfulness in young minds. As they practice stopping and looking both ways before proceeding, their safety awareness is significantly enhanced, helping this potentially life saving skill become habit.

Intersection Understanding

Traffic Flow: The intersections depicted through markings on the playground mimic real-world scenarios, offering students a practical understanding of traffic flow dynamics. By navigating these intersections safely, children grasp the concept of yielding, right of way, and the importance of obeying traffic rules at crossroads.

Traffic Signals: Our road track safety markings often incorporate traffic signals, mirroring those found on actual roadways. Through these visual cues, children not only learn about the significance of traffic lights but also the color-coded signals' meanings. They understand the importance of stopping at red lights and proceeding at green lights, all in a controlled and safe environment.

Hazard Awareness Obstacle Recognition: Markings have the versatility to depict potential hazards in creative ways. These visual representations encourage children to recognise and respond to hazards effectively. By navigating around simulated obstacles on the playground, students develop a keen sense of hazard awareness and learn to exercise caution when faced with potential dangers.

Safety Habits: The interaction with our road track safety markings instills safety habits that extend beyond the playground. Children develop a habit of looking out for potential dangers, whether they are on foot, riding a bike, or even as future drivers. This heightened sense of vigilance is a valuable skill that ensures their safety throughout life.

10 x 6m playground marking road track

Road Track Playground Marking

10 x 6m

Entirely Thermoplastic material

Child-Friendly Road Safety Resources

Within our Road Track Playground Markings, we offer a fantastic assortment of resources designed to help children internalize the Green Cross Code. Through words, colours, and engaging images, we provide the visual aids that children need to remember this vital road safety code - making this information stick with them for good.

Take a look at our Road track safety markings, with numerous designs to choose from, each of which teach valuable road safety and other important road safety lessons.

Each design is customisable, so it can fit any playground, and elements can be added or taken at your own choosing, to get the best design for you and your students.

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