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Activity Trail Playground Markings

Activity trail playground markings

Activity trail playground markings, also known as exercise tracks, are a great way for children to engage in exercise whilst also having imaginative fun out on the playground.

These vibrant, interactive designs can also completely transform any dull playground into a haven of fun and physical activity allowing children of all abilities to take part.

The great thing about these activity trails (exercise tracks) is that they can be designed to fit any size and space, just like any other playground game, like hopscotch or our very own multi courts.

Playground marking activity trail design

What are Activity Trail Playground Markings?

Simply put, activity trails are a sequence of playground markings that create a pathway of fun challenges. These can include hopscotch, balance beams, racing lanes, swerve circles, jumping sections and much more. They are designed to encourage children to move, jump, balance, and think critically, all while having great fun.

The Benefits of Activity Trails

  • Physical Fitness: Activity trails provide a fun and interactive way for children to meet their daily exercise needs.

  • Enhanced Learning: Believe it or not, physical activity can actually boost cognitive function! Kids can improve their counting, spelling, and problem-solving skills through engaging activities.

  • Social Interaction: Activity trails encourage teamwork and social interaction, helping children to develop essential communication skills.

  • Versatility: These markings are suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities, making them an inclusive choice for any playground.

Exercise track playground markings

What Activity Trail Playground markings can we offer?

We have a section of exercise tracks (activity trails) which can be customised to suit your schools needs or requirements.

Take a look at some of our activity trail playground markings, and see if we can kick-start a playground project for you!

Have a look at some of our case studies here.

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