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Aerial Playground

Our Playground Marking Materials


Since 1971, Signet Play, a dedicated division of Signet Signs Ltd, has been committed to transforming educational spaces. Specialising in playground design, we've partnered with Geveko Markings to offer PREMARK™ preformed thermoplastic, a material that enriches playgrounds with quality, safety, and creativity.

A globally recognised material, with real world longevity, backed up by our guarantee.

Expertise and Experience

Our journey, spanning over five decades, highlights our deep understanding of educational needs. We blend this knowledge with Geveko's manufacturing excellence, creating playgrounds that are not just play areas but learning and development spaces.

Product Benefits

PREMARK™ thermoplastic stands out for its durability, lasting up to 10 times longer than traditional paint. It exceeds Skid Resistance Values (SRV), ensuring a safer play surface. Its ease of application and patented adhesion system make it ideal for intricate designs, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of playgrounds.

In short, it's a the perfect material for use on a playground.

Some of our competitors use their own 'mix' of thermoplastic made for them.  We prefer to use a globally recognised manufacturer with years of real world experience.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is paramount in our designs. The thermoplastic material is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, aligning with BS EN 1436 standards. Its anti-slip finish and high UV resistance ensure a safe and enduring playground experience.

Environmental Considerations

Our commitment extends to environmental stewardship. The thermoplastic materials are free from harmful substances like lead and chromates, reflecting our dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Case Studies and Testimonials

We've transformed numerous educational spaces, each project echoing our expertise. Feedback from schools and communities consistently applauds the enhanced safety, durability, and educational value of our playgrounds.


At Signet Play, we believe in creating spaces that inspire, educate, and protect. Our partnership with Geveko and use of PREMARK™ thermoplastic materialise this belief, offering unmatched quality and safety in playground design.

References and Credentials

Our legacy is backed by industry certifications and positive community feedback, cementing our position as leaders in educational playground design.

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