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Playground Markings

Signet Play is an industry expert in the supply and installation of thermoplastic playground markings. With over 50 years experience of working with schools, councils and construction companies, we are well positioned as one of the UK's leading playground markers enabling our highly trained teams to supply & install our markings safely and efficiently.

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DBS Check for Safety in Schools award
Price match guarantee award
Google Reviews
Institution of Occupational Safety and Health award
Playground Markings Warranty
Construction Skills Certification Scheme award

Contact us for your FREE site visit

Let one of our playground designers take the hassle of measuring & assessing your playground away from you. We will meet you at your school to talk through the playground markings, safety, guarantees, listen to your requirements and offer suggestions. Our playground designers will then provide you with a set of designs showing how your playground will look after the markings have been installed.  All of this, at no cost to yourself!

How We Work

Playground marking expert meeting a school teacher for a site survey

Book a FREE site survey with a playground marking expert

One of our playground marking experts will meet you at your school to discuss the various options. We'll cover safety, durability, playground design considerations and all questions we've typically encountered in the years we've been doing this. 

We'll also take all of the responsibility for measuring your playground to ensure the playground markings fit and answer any questions you might have about them, school funding or anything else you wish to know.

We're here to help!

Playground Marking Designs

We provide vivid playground designs for you to view

Once the site survey has been completed we'll then move onto the playground design phase. This is where it starts to get exciting!

Our playground designers will provide you with colourful designs showing how your playground could look. This allows you to pick & choose the designs to suit your own needs


We only proceed to manufacture once those proofs have been approved by yourselves.

Playground Marking Installation

Skilled installation teams will install your markings for you

Our production manager will arrange the installation of your playground markings with you, on a convenient date for your school.


All of our playground marking installation team members are highly trained, with internationally recognised certifications, and are fully DBS checked as you would expect.

We can section off large areas of the playground allowing for works to be completed safely even during term time.

Download our Brochure

Playground Marking Catalogue

The journey to your complete school playground transformation starts here! ...and remember, we're only a phone call / email away if you have any questions.

Meet the Team Behind our Markings

Tom Mundy


Playground Design

Contact Phone: 01275 244139 (opt1)

Sam Case


Playground Design


Contact Phone: 01275 244139 (opt1)



Playground Marker

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 01275 244139 (opt4)



Playground Marker

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 01275 244139 (opt4)



Playground Marker

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 01275 244139 (opt4)



Playground Marker

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 01275 244139 (opt4)



Production Manager

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 01275 244139 (opt4)

Sam Clinch


Playground Marker

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 01275 244139 (opt4)

Examples of Our Work

A gallery showing some examples of our playground markings we have installed at schools around the UK.

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How to Care for Your Playground Markings


Regular Cleaning of your Markings

Regular cleaning isn't essential for maintaining the appearance and safety of playground markings but it can ensure the impact of dirt on the colours is minimised. Using a a soft-bristled brush and mild detergent is the recommended cleaning method. Jet washing can cause the water to get under the markings and lift them, which should be avoided. Please see "Proper Jet Washing Technique" for more information. By keeping the playground clean and free of dirt and debris, the markings will last longer and provide a safe environment for children to play.

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What Cleaning Fluids Do I Need?

It is important to avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning playground markings, as they can be hazardous to children's health and safety. Instead, opt for eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for both children and the environment. By using gentle cleaning agents, you can preserve the longevity of the markings and ensure a safe play area for children.


Proper Washing Technique

If you must use a pressure washer to clean playground markings, it is essential to use the proper jet washing technique. This involves using a pressure washer with a low pressure setting and a wide fan nozzle aimed down at the top of the markings from a distance of at least 2 - 3 ft. Adjust the pressure to the lowest setting that still effectively removes dirt and debris. If water were directed at the edge of the markings, this runs the risk of forcing it's way under and lifting the marking so avoid aiming any direct jets of water there. If in doubt, a soft bristled brush and bucket of soapy water will have a similar cleaning power. By using the proper technique, you can prevent damage to the surface and the markings, ensuring they remain in optimal condition.

Customer Reviews

"Signet provided a fantastic range of playground markings, which have withstood relentless use of 400 primary school children on a daily basis. Great communication and pricing from the team in the office and on site. Highly recommend!"

Pomphlett Primary School

Sarah Jarvis

Pomphlett Primary School

"Fast service from site survey, quotation to installation. Markings look vibrant and were laid really well. I will definitely use them again for future playground markings."

Thamside Primary School

Vicki Lucas

Thameside Primary School

"The team was very professional and installed everything in one day. The children absolutely love their new playground markings/games."

Nursteed School

Kay Vousden

Nursteed School

SN10 3BF

More reviews are on our testamonials page

Our Recent Case Studies

A selection of our recent playground markings we've installed for schools across the UK

King Richard III Infant & Nursery School

The school recently teamed up with the Signet Play team to develop and revitalise its outdoor play space, using a mix of thermoplastic playground markings and wooden outdoor play equipment.

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Tywardreath School

Recently, we were privileged to collaborate with Tywardreath School in Cornwall, aiding them in realising their dream playground markings designs. Let’s walk through this incredible journey from the initial discussions to the final, satisfying outcome as we create the perfect playground markings.


Cofton Primary School

In a move to boost both outdoor learning and PE lessons by utilising playground markings, Cofton Primary School (CFS) teamed up with us to give their playground a total makeover making it an inclusive space for all.


St James' C Of E Primary School

At Signet Play, we've built a reputation on understanding that each school holds a unique vision for its playground design.

A recent endeavour took us to St James’ CEC Primary School, where we installed thermoplastic playground markings tailored to the schools own requirements


Did you know? Useful information

Quality of Thermoplastic

We prioritise both the durability and safety of our playground markings. We source our thermoplastic materials from Geveko, a reputable global supplier known for its high-quality, hard-wearing products. These thermoplastics are often used in road markings, which speaks to their durability and long-lasting nature. In terms of environmental impact, the thermoplastics we use are non-toxic and eco-friendly. For added assurance, we offer a 3-year guarantee as standard on all of our playground markings. This commitment to quality aims to provide a lasting, safe environment for children, while also maintaining the appearance of the playground over time.

Playground Design Flexibility

Our design team comprises professionals with years of experience in creating playground layouts that offer multiple benefits to schools. The advantage of having experienced designers is that they can strategically plan layouts that maximise space, enhance learning experiences, and encourage physical activity among children. Our ability to offer bespoke markings means we can address the unique requirements of your school environment, rather than restricting you to choose from a catalogue.

Warranty & Aftercare

At Signet Play, we stand by the quality and durability of our playground markings, which is why we offer a comprehensive 3-year warranty as standard on all our installations. This warranty provides you with the assurance that our products are designed to last and perform to the highest standards. In addition to this, our aftercare service is designed to offer continued support well after the initial installation. Whether it's advice on maintenance, minor repairs, or any other queries, our team is readily available to assist you. This commitment to aftercare ensures that your playground remains a safe, vibrant, and functional space for children for years to come.

Markings Summary

In conclusion, thermoplastic playground markings are a fantastic addition to any school, providing numerous benefits such as promoting outdoor play, enhancing learning opportunities, and encouraging physical activity. With a wide range of design options available, as well as the expertise of a professional playground marking company, you can create a unique and engaging environment that caters to the diverse needs and interests of your students. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your next playground project today and inspire a new generation of active learners!

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How We Install Playground Markings

Watch our team in action as we install these colouful playground markings.

Exploring the Benefits of Playground Markings for Schools

Playground markings for schools are not just a visually appealing addition to any outdoor play areas; they offer a multitude of benefits that enhance children's play experiences, promote outdoor play, and encourage physical activity.

These school playground markings also provide an excellent opportunity to extend learning beyond the classroom and help develop children's social skills. Let's delve deeper into these exceptional benefits, starting with the importance of outdoor play!

Children Sat Down & Smiling in a School Playground

Learning Opportunities

Children Playing on a School Playground

Importance of Outdoor Play

Children Running on a Running Track

Encouraging Physical Activity

Playground markings provide a plethora of outdoor learning opportunities for children, promoting different learning styles, reinforcing learning goals, and extending learning beyond the classroom. They also encourage positive social interaction, allowing children to collaborate, communicate, and problem-solve together. The possibilities are endless, as playground markings can be incorporated into various subjects and lessons, such as literacy, science, and geography. ​ For instance, educational markings like maps, world globes, and other geographical features can excite children to learn about different countries and cultures. Markings designed for mathematics and literacy help reinforce classroom learning in a fun and engaging outdoor setting. By providing a diverse range of learning opportunities, playground markings contribute to a successful learning environment that caters to children's unique interests and abilities.

Outdoor play is essential for children's physical and mental well-being, offering numerous benefits such as improved fitness, motor skills development, and opportunities to release pent-up energy. ​ Moreover, it allows children to develop social skills and have fun while learning from nature and interacting with their environment. Playground markings for primary schools can transform any outdoor space, creating a fun and stimulating environment that encourages children to engage in active play and make exercise fun. ​ One fantastic example of a mental health playground marking is the “feelings trail,” which consists of a series of shapes or symbols painted onto the playground surface, each representing a different emotion or feeling. The “mindful maze” is an incredible example that promotes taking time to think and reflect. It is a labyrinth-like pattern specially created for children to slow down. Such markings show how playground designs can support children's emotional well-being alongside physical activity.

One of the most significant advantages of playground markings for schools is their ability to encourage physical activity in a fun and enjoyable way. By offering an engaging environment that promotes movement, children are more likely to participate in physical activities, improving their fitness levels and overall physical health. Whether that's through one of our incredibly popular exercise tracks ​ Playground markings not only make exercise fun, but they also help develop essential motor skills, coordination, and balance, setting the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits.

  • What are thermoplastic playground markings?
    It's a special type of plastic which is both durable and has an anti-slip grit within it. From these sheets of material, we create designs that we use to make playgrounds more fun and engaging. These markings are durable, vibrant, and safe for children. The thermoplastic can be used to create games, learning aids, or just fun patterns on the playground surface. With 27 colours available, the limit is just the imagination.
  • What are the benefits of playground markings?
    Choosing the right playground markings can make playtime more fun and active, help with learning, and make it easier for everyone to get along. Plus, they're created in a way that everyone, no matter their hobbies or skills, can enjoy and participate in. This aids in creating an environment in which physical activity levels are increased, learning occurs through fun engagement and promotes inclusive play.
  • How do you install thermoplastic playground markings?
    The first step is to sketch out the design with chalk on the tarmac. We then apply a liquid primer to the playground surface which seals it and ensures a long life for the thermoplastic markings. Once the primer is dry, about 20 mins, we then position the thermoplastic markings onto the sketched area. Using a special heating tool we make them hot until they've 'melted'. Once cool they will have firmly attached to the tarmac and won't move for a very long time!
  • How long do thermoplastic playground markings last?
    The short answer would be that they can last up to 10 times as long as paint (so about 10 years). However, the longer and arguably more accurate answer would be that it depends on a number of factors. What condition the playground surface was in when they were applied, how they're treated / the amount of footfall on them, what environmental conditions they're exposed to. As a guideline though we would expect thermoplastic markings to last 7 - 8 years when installed onto a good surface.
  • How do you remove playground markings?
    Some companies burn them off. We don't do this as we believe the noise, the fumes, and the mess it leaves behind are not worth it. This leaves a couple of options. UHP (ultra high pressure) water jet blasting will remove them, but the pressure is so high that it can remove some of the tarmac as well. Which then leaves the best possible way to remove them and that's UHP sand jet blasting. The sand acts as an abrasive and helps remove the markings at much lower pressures. As a result the markings can be removed with the least risk of damage to the playground. UHP sand jet blasting takes more time than UHP water jet blasting, but the minimise intrusion into the surface of the playground is very much worth it.

Playground Markings FAQ

Guarantees & Safety info

4 Year Playground Markings Warranty

Anti-slip properties
Exceeds SRV requirements

Non-toxic durable thermoplastic

Lasts up to 10x as long as painted markings

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