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Can You Spend Sports Premium on Playground Markings?

Colourful hopscotch in playground

The Key Question: Can you Spend Sports Premium on Playground Markings?

Yes, you can spend sports premium on playground markings. Playground markings are a smart and effective way to use Sports Premium funding in primary schools. These vibrant designs not only make play areas more inviting, but they also encourage kids to be active during the school day. They're durable, cost-effective, and versatile, making them a great investment for schools aiming to promote physical activity.

What is sports premium funding?

In the United Kingdom, the government allocates Sports Premium funding to primary schools with the aim of enhancing physical activity and sport among children. This initiative targets all primary school settings, although independent schools are not eligible. The funds are calculated based on the total number of pupils in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, consisting of a £10 allocation per pupil plus a flat rate of £16,000.

The purpose of Sports Premium is to enable schools to improve the quality of the physical activities they offer. By increasing the proficiency of teachers, the government aims to engage children in sports more effectively. The idea is to create a culture where active pupils are healthier both in mind and body, which contributes to their wellbeing, behaviour, confidence, and academic outcomes.

Children playing on playground equipment

How Can the Money Be Used?

The fund must be spent exclusively on enhancing sports provision and physical education within the school. This means that the funding is not for capital expenditures, or for hiring specialist teachers or coaches to cover regular PE curriculum requirements. The fund should ideally be spent on:

  1. Teacher development in PE and sport.

  2. Building physical activity into the school day.

  3. Extending the range of sports and activities offered.

  4. Running targeted activities and clubs.

  5. Equipment and resources that improve PE and sport for current and future pupils.

So in answer to the question, can you spend sports premium on playground markings, the answer is yes.

Reporting and Accountability

Schools need to be transparent about how they’ve spent their Sports Premium funding. They are required to publish details on their spending, the impact on pupils’ PE and sport participation, and how the improvements will sustain in the future.

Additional Funding Opportunities

Aside from the Sports Premium, schools can explore other avenues for funding such as grants from Sport England or the National Lottery Community Fund. Local PTA funding, non-uniform days, bake sales, and sports competitions can also supplement the budget for playground markings.

Schoolkids playing on school playground equipment


Investing in playground markings can offer an excellent return on investment for schools looking to utilise their Sports Premium funding. Not only do they encourage physical activity, but they also add an element of fun and creativity to the school environment. It is a long-lasting investment that benefits current and future pupils alike, ticking all the boxes for the effective use of Sports Premium funding.

Check out our Guide to Playground Markings here, and put your Sports Premium to good use.

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