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How do you Paint lines on a Playground

Installing thermoplastic playground markings on a playground is a specialised task, but can be broken down into several key steps. Here's how we do it.

Thermoplastic laying in a playground

Materials Needed

  • Thermoplastic marking sheets or pre-cut shapes

  • Gas torch

  • Measuring tape

  • Marking paint (thermoplastic)

  • Broom or blower

  • Protective gear (gloves, mask, safety glasses)

How do you paint lines on a playground


  1. Preparation: Clean the area where the markings will be applied. Remove any dirt, debris, and loose particles from the surface with a broom or blower.

  2. Design Layout: Measure and mark the layout of the designs using something like temporary marking paint.

  3. Apply Primer: Applying a primer to the tarmac will increase the adhesion between the thermoplastics and the tarmac.

  4. Position Thermoplastic: Place the thermoplastic sheets or pre-cut shapes on the marked positions. Make sure they are perfectly aligned with your markings.

  5. Heat Application: Light the gas torch and adjust it to a medium-to-high flame. Apply heat evenly over the surface of the thermoplastic until it melts and adheres to the surface. It will change colour slightly, usually becoming more transparent, indicating that it is properly melted.

  6. Anti Slip: Next we apply our anti slip beads while the thermoplastics are still setting, just to make sure they have that extra grip once dried.

  7. Check Adhesion: Carefully inspect to ensure that the material has fused well with the surface. Any bubbles or imperfections will need to be reheated.

  8. Cool Down: Allow the new markings to cool down and solidify. This can take several minutes.

  9. Quality Check: Walk around and inspect the markings. Make sure there are no lifted edges and that the thermoplastic has adhered well.

  10. Final Clean: Once the markings have cooled and solidified, use a broom or blower to remove any remaining debris.

  11. Safety Checks: Before allowing the playground to be used, perform any necessary safety checks to ensure the markings are secure and present no tripping hazards.

- and that should be all you need to know about painting lines on a playground!

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