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Thermoplastic Letters

Thermoplastic letters are a big part of our working day. A lot of the playground markings designs we install contain some sort of lettering, whether that be a design that helps with the alphabet, or an exercise station marking telling your students to run jump or hop their way across the playground.

Due to the amount of lettering we produce in our designs, we make the letters in bulk to help keep costs down for both our customers and ourselves.

We can offer almost any type of text that you might require for your playground. Font, size and colour.

Thermoplastic Letters - Font, Colour and Size Choices.

Thermoplastic letter fonts.

The main thing to keep in mind when selecting a font is that the installation process involves 'melting' the thermoplastic so it adheres to the tarmac. Therefore any thin / spindly parts of thermoplastic are likely to distort to the shape of the ground. So whilst fonts like Times New Roman may look nice with their serifs, when it comes to thermoplastic markings, they're typically something to be avoided if possible.

Colours - A whole range.

We offer a wide range of colours, but not an unlimited one. If you imagine a light, medium and dark shade for each colour then you're pretty much there. This allows us to select high contrast colours (difference between background and text) to ensure maximum legibility of the marking, or... simply to follow your schools own colour branding theme.

Size of letters

In short we can make them any size you like. The thermoplastic arrives with us in sheet form and thus it's very easy for us to put the material through our manufacturing dept to create bespoke thermoplastic letter markings at any size.

New Thermoplastic letters

Why thermoplastic letters?

Using thermoplastic markings in a playground offers a multitude of benefits. First and foremost, they are incredibly durable, capable of withstanding the enthusiastic play of kids year-round. These markings won't fade or wear out easily, ensuring that your playground stays vibrant and inviting for years to come and can last up to ten times longer than painted lines.

Safety is another key advantage. Thermoplastic markings are slip-resistant, reducing the risk of accidents, especially in wet or rainy weather. They also come in a variety of bright and engaging designs, making learning and play more enjoyable.

From a maintenance perspective, thermoplastic markings are a breeze. They require minimal upkeep compared to traditional paint markings, saving you time and money. Plus, they're eco-friendly, as they don't contain harmful solvents or chemicals.

Last but not least, the versatility of thermoplastic markings is astounding. You can customise them to suit your playground's theme or educational goals, fostering creativity and learning through play. So, whether it's colourful hopscotch, alphabet games, or imaginative designs, thermoplastic markings make your playground an exciting and educational haven for children. Again, we can offer a range of fonts, sizes and colours, anything to suit your schools' needs.

Alphabet playground marking design

Colourful playground design transformation
Check out some of our work here, so you can really see how we transform playgrounds, and the difference a fresh space can make.

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