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Zig Zag Wall




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  • Each section measures 1.8m tall by 1.5m wide

  • Crafted from thick wooden posts pressure treated to UC4 (highest outdoor treatment grade)

  • Each panel is 45mm thick giving a strong and secure panel designed to not only be safe and secure, but last years.

  • Stainless steel fixings for a long life.

  • Top panels can be engraved with a bespoke message


Introducing the Zig Zag Wooden Traverse Wall.

A great wooden climbing wall for primary schools as it includes varying levels of difficulty allowing children of all abilities to traverse it in a horizontal direction.

The routes are colour coded, with the climbing holds installed as green, blue and red which correspond to the route difficulty.The beauty of this Traverse Wall design is that it can be installed in any number of configurations, even a full circle if you desired!

As the wall zigs and zags across the ground, the route can be made harder or easier depending on the angle each section is installed at.This offers a thrilling experience that fosters physical agility, creative problem-solving, and spacial awareness.

Safety Surfacing

As the top of the foot holds are installed below 600mm from the ground, there is no mandatory requirement for a safety surface.

However, we are able to supply the following additional safety surfaces if required.

  • Rubber matting (for concrete & tarmac surfaces)

  • Grass mats (for fields / soil areas)

  • Wet pour & Rubber mulch (for all areas)

More Information

What is a traverse climbing wall?

A traverse wall for school playgrounds is a type of climbing wall designed for lateral climbing. It promotes physical activity, helps improve coordination and strength, and encourages problem-solving skills. Unlike traditional climbing walls where children go upwards, traverse walls allow children to travel left / right and so have a lower height. This helps in reducing the risk of falls and making them safer for children. They're great for enhancing playgrounds, offering a fun and challenging activity that supports children's development in a safe environment.

How do you use a traverse wall?

The routes on a traverse wall are pre-defined for the children to follow as they move across the wall.  Typically some routes are harder than others with coloured climbing holds indicating the various paths. This isn't always the case and some walls simply have a collection of different coloured holds for children to assess and plan their route through strategic thinking and forward planning.

How do you install a traverse wall?

The HDPE traverse walls should be secured using the appropriate mechanical fixings for the wall type. Typically this would be expansion bolts or large screws depending on the wall. Never use chemical fixings (glues / adhesives) as these will not possess the required strength to secure the panel to the wall.

The free standing timber based walls are typically installed by our trained teams and concreted into the ground or fixed to walls using the appropriate mechanical fixings.

How do you install a traverse wall?

​Colorful Hand and Foot Holds: Engages children and helps to promote forward thinking and stategic planning.

  • Safety First: Traverse walls ensure children travel left to right or vice versa, ensuring a low falling height.

  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality, sustainably sourced materials to withstand the elements & vigorous play. 

  • Versatile Configurations: Can be adapted to suit different playground sizes, shapes and childrens abilities.

  • Eco-Friendly: Committed to sustainability, our play structures are an environmentally conscious choice for modern playgrounds.

  • Easy to Maintain: Designed for low upkeep and longevity.

Traverse Wall Warranties

Read our Warranties section

Clamber Castle Overview

Contact us to discuss your requirements

Let one of our playground designers take the hassle of measuring & assessing your playground away from you. We will talk through the various options, safety, guarantees, listen to your requirements and offer suggestions.

Our playground designers will then provide you with a set of designs showing how your playground will look after the traverse wall has been installed.

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