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EYFS Play Equipment Ideas.

In the bustling playgrounds of the UK, where the laughter of children blends with the whispers of the wind, Signet Play emerges as a paragon of innovation and educational fun. With a commitment to fostering the seeds of creativity in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) learners, Signet Play unveils its latest collection of free-standing play equipment, each piece a masterpiece of design and function.​

A Fusion of Fun and Learning

The Signet Play range for EYFS is a curated selection of play structures that are more than mere entertainment; they are catalysts for development, designed with the insight of child development experts. The whimsical Apex Play Lodge and the industrious Builders Yard are but a glimpse into a range that encourages active play and learning in equal measure.


Safety and Quality: The Signet Assurance

Every item in the Signet Play range is a testament to the company's unwavering dedication to quality and safety. These outdoor structures are not only visually appealing but are built to withstand the rigours of playtime, ensuring a safe environment for young adventurers.


Affordable Adventures in Learning

As one peruses our range, the value of each piece becomes apparent. The Apex Hill Step, the Block Cart & Blocks, the Bowling Alley – each is an affordable gateway to a world of play, learning, and growth.


The Signet Promise: Beyond Play Equipment

At Signet Play, the belief is that the cornerstone of a child's future is laid in the joy and lessons of play. The company's offerings are more than products; they are a pledge to the spirit of childhood, a commitment to education, and an adventure waiting to happen.

Tangle Play
Snakes and Ladders Playground Markings
Duck Duck Goose PGM

EYFS Case Studies and Information

A-Z Educational Markings

Dodford First School's Playground Transformation

See how our playground marking games transformed their school playground.

Snakes and Ladders Playground Markings

Board Game Playground Markings

An indepth look at board games which can be used on school playgrounds.

Playground Markings Overview

Our Guide to Multi Court Games Markings

Sports are incredibly popular, see how we use thermoplastic to create games areas.

What are our customers saying about us?

school teacher holding a notebook

Signet provided a fantastic range of playground markings, which have withstood relentless use of 400 primary school children on a daily basis. Great communication and pricing from the team in the office and on site. Highly recommend!

- Pomphlett Primary school

Professional and quick installation of a clamberstack at our village primary school. Left everything clean and tidy too! The children are enjoying the new climbing equipment. Great company to work with.

- Bledington Primary School

Fast service from site survey, quotation to installation. Markings look vibrant and were laid really well. I will definitely use them again for future playground markings.

- Thameside Primary School

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  • What are thermoplastic playground markings?
    It's a special type of plastic which is both durable and has an anti-slip grit within it. From these sheets of material, we create designs that we use to make playgrounds more fun and engaging. These markings are durable, vibrant, and safe for children. The thermoplastic can be used to create games, learning aids, or just fun patterns on the playground surface. With 27 colours available, the limit is just the imagination.
  • What are the benefits of playground markings?
    Choosing the right playground markings can make playtime more fun and active, help with learning, and make it easier for everyone to get along. Plus, they're created in a way that everyone, no matter their hobbies or skills, can enjoy and participate in. This aids in creating an environment in which physical activity levels are increased, learning occurs through fun engagement and promotes inclusive play.
  • How do you install thermoplastic playground markings?
    The first step is to sketch out the design with chalk on the tarmac. We then apply a liquid primer to the playground surface which seals it and ensures a long life for the thermoplastic markings. Once the primer is dry, about 20 mins, we then position the thermoplastic markings onto the sketched area. Using a special heating tool we make them hot until they've 'melted'. Once cool they will have firmly attached to the tarmac and won't move for a very long time!
  • How long do thermoplastic playground markings last?
    The short answer would be that they can last up to 10 times as long as paint (so about 10 years). However, the longer and arguably more accurate answer would be that it depends on a number of factors. What condition the playground surface was in when they were applied, how they're treated / the amount of footfall on them, what environmental conditions they're exposed to. As a guideline though we would expect thermoplastic markings to last 7 - 8 years when installed onto a good surface.
  • How do you remove playground markings?
    Some companies burn them off. We don't do this as we believe the noise, the fumes, and the mess it leaves behind are not worth it. This leaves a couple of options. UHP (ultra high pressure) water jet blasting will remove them, but the pressure is so high that it can remove some of the tarmac as well. Which then leaves the best possible way to remove them and that's UHP sand jet blasting. The sand acts as an abrasive and helps remove the markings at much lower pressures. As a result the markings can be removed with the least risk of damage to the playground. UHP sand jet blasting takes more time than UHP water jet blasting, but the minimise intrusion into the surface of the playground is very much worth it.
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