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We're Swindon's
Playground Marking

With a commitment to creativity, safety, and educational enrichment, we have become  a trusted partner in transforming schoolyards into dynamic spaces for play, learning, and growth throughout Swindon and its surrounding areas.

Searching for a playground marking company that covers Swindon?

Starting in 1971, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in installing playgrounds. Our long-standing commitment to excellence and our wealth of knowledge, we have employed the use of Thermoplastic playground markings over the last decade, to guarantee both a creative design and a long - lasting outcome.

Beyond their durability, our thermoplastic playground markings are fully customisable, allowing schools to integrate unique elements like logos and emblems into their bespoke designs. This flexibility empowers schools to craft a truly personalized play area tailored to the specific needs and interests of their students.

By choosing our thermoplastic playground markings, you're investing in a durable, visually appealing, and educational addition to your school's outdoor spaces. Create an inspiring play environment that fosters both fun and learning for your students.

From Playground Survey to Installation

Areas we cover

  • Swindon Town Centre

  • Old Town

  • Rodbourne

  • Walcot

  • Gorse Hill

  • Parks

  • Eastcott

  • Town Gardens

  • Haydon Wick

  • Penhill

  • Pinehurst

  • Stratton

  • Blunsdon St. Andrew

  • Wroughton

  • South Marston

  • Highworth

  • Shrivenham

  • Royal Wootton Bassett

  • Lydiard Millicent

  • Chiseldon

Converting Playgrounds with Thermoplastic Markings in Swindon

Our thermoplastic playground markings are designed with safety in mind, featuring non-slip surfaces that reduce the risk of accidents, creating a secure and enjoyable environment for students. By choosing our thermoplastic markings, schools can enhance their playgrounds, promoting physical activity, imagination, and a sense of community among students while ensuring a durable and low-maintenance solution.

Our thermoplastic markings offer a wide array of customisable designs, enabling schools to create unique and engaging play spaces that align with their educational goals. Whether it's traditional games, educational motifs, or bespoke graphics, these markings can be tailored to suit specific curricular needs and foster creativity.

Types of Playground Markings

One of the key advantages of thermoplastic playground markings is their customisability. Schools can incorporate unique elements such as school logos, house symbols, or specific color schemes into their playground markings, creating a personalised play setting that caters to the schools specific needs and interests.

Custom thermoplastic designs offer several benefits for playgrounds.

  • They add an individual touch and create an engaging and fun environment for children.

  • By incorporating school-specific patterns or colours, they foster a sense of pride and belonging among students.

  • They promote active play and learning.

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