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Case Study – Cofton Primary School Playground Markings

Playground Markings Installed at Cofton Primary School

In a move to boost both outdoor learning and PE lessons by utilising playground markings, Cofton Primary School (CFS) in Birmingham teamed up with us to give their playground a total makeover and make it a space they could be proud of.

Thanks to Debbie, who led the playground make-over charge from Cofton Primary School, we were able to produce a lively, educational, and super fun play space using thermoplastic playground markings. In this case study we’ll walk you through the whole process, from start to finish and why we take the steps we do in creating the perfect playground space.

Maths playground marking

The Site Survey.

After our initial contact with the school, and Debbie. We arranged a time and date to meet at the school so we could look at the playground, measure up, discuss options etc.

We spoke about the schools’ needs and their goals, what they really wanted, what were 'must haves' and what things were a 'depends on the price'.

This enables us to get an unstanding of what the school is trying to achieve, what playground markings we think would be within budget and how we would then roll out that project across the school.

We then took all that information onboard and added our expertise as playground markers. A conversation discussing the available options we offer took place, discussing budgets and what would be the most beneficial for the school. We also discussed what CFS really wanted to get out of their playground markings, and looked at it as a list of objectives:

What were the objectives?

  1. Promote Physical Activity. To encourage students to be more active during their break times and PE classes out on the playground.

  2. Enhance Learning. To integrate educational elements into play, thereby fostering a love for learning, even outside of the classroom.

  3. Boost Social Interaction. To create spaces that encourage teamwork, communication, and social skills among students.

We then surveyed the playground. To really get an understanding of the play space, identify potential hurdles and areas of concern, there is no better way than a face to face meeting. As well as building up a survey of the area, we can also investigate the condition of the playground surface and advise accordingly.

This is always a crucial part of our process, as seeing the playground in person is a great way for us to check for things such as, cracked, or damaged tarmac, any loose ground, and anything else that may cause any problem during the installation process.

The initial visit and site survey are also a great way for us to see what sort of space the playground offers. This then allows us to give our expertise to our customers, offering our opinion on how the playground markings could be positioned and how the school can get the most out of their space.

A big benefit of course, is that a site survey also takes away the pressure for a customer to provide any measurements or estimates – we take care of it all!

After we had the initial meeting and had surveyed the site in detail. The next step of the process was to start the planning and design process, followed by the quotation being issued. The designing consisted of sending visuals showing how the playground would look after the works were completed. In a digital format, this allows us / the school to make sure that we were making best use of the playground and that all the goals were met.

As any project goes, we never start our manufacture process until our customers have approved the design proofs. We always want to ensure all parties involved are 100% happy with everything planned!

Whats the time mr wolf playground marking

What Playground Markings were installed.

  1. What’s the Time Mr Wolf – this classic game has been brought to life with colourful, durable markings. It not only engages children in a fun, interactive way but also subtly teaches them about time.

  2. Mimic Me. A game designed to improve memory and attention. Mimic me features a series of patterns that students must replicate, enhancing both physical and cognitive skills, but also allowing students to use their imagination.

  3. Times Table Grid. Maths has never been so fun! The times table grid allows students to jump from one number to another, learning multiplication tables in an interactive manner. Something a little different to learning it the conventional way!

  4. Multi Court Line Markings. A professional grade netball court that can also be adapted for other sports, including football or even basketball. This promotes versatility and utilises maximum space of the playground.

  5. Bespoke PE dots. Custom designed PE dots serve as a versatile marker for a range of activities, from basic drills to more complex physical education routines. The dost also allow for imaginative play during break times!

After all the markings were laid down and everything had been set up, it was crunch time. It was time for us to the final checks. We go over each of the markings one by one, making sure that they are as vibrant and precise as they we promised.

We never give them a quick glance, we really scrutinise each marking to ensure they have been installed to a high standard and will last for many years.


The collaboration between ourselves and Cofton Primary school is a testament to our work, and what can be achieved when schools and businesses come together with a shared vision for enhancing children’s learning and wellbeing.

All goals were achieved and the school is very happy with our work.

Playground Markings Installed

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