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January 2024: The Perfect Time for a Playground Health Check

playground markings from above

The school playground. Not just a patch of tarmac for children to play on; they're vibrant hubs of energy, laughter, and endless imagination. As we dive into 2024, let's talk about why giving these magical spaces a face-lift, specifically through resurfacing playground markings, is not just a good idea – it's essential. The playground is the heart of every school, alive with the boundless energy of children. It's bound to go through a little wear and tear as the years go by, and this could create opportunities for the occasional slip or trip. This is why playground resurfacing is climbing up the priority ladder this year. It's about ensuring every skip, jump, and run is on a surface that's safe and sound.

Safety Concerns

Safety is a big word, especially when it comes to our little ones. As educators and guardians, there's a whole world of safety standards we need to meet. EN1176 and EN1177 are European safety standards specifically designed for playground equipment and safety surfacing. They cover everything from how they're made to how they're set up and the ongoing checks needed. They're our guidelines to ensure every little adventurer plays without a worry in the world.

playground equipment inspector

Regular inspections are a must. Spotting that sneaky little wear and tear early can make all the difference, and prevention is always better than cure. Informal checks are like daily or weekly once-overs by staff or playground managers. It’s about keeping an eagle eye out for any obvious issues – loose bolts, cracks, or wear and tear that shout for attention. Formal checks, on the other hand, are more in-depth. These are carried out by certified professionals who dive deep into safety standards, ensuring everything meets the top-notch criteria. Think of it as a thorough health check-up for your playground, making sure it stays in shape for every little explorer out there. Regular, diligent checks are key to ensuring a safe, happy play haven.

Health Benefits of Playground Resurfacing

A resurfaced playground isn't just a visual treat; it's a health booster! Imagine children zipping around on a crisp, bright exercise track, or bouncing up and down a fresh hopscotch. The NHS nudges us towards ensuring kids get hearty doses of physical activity daily. What better way to do this than in a playground that invites running, jumping, and all those heart-racing activities? It's a setting where exercise meets exhilaration, and every step on a resurfaced playground is a step towards better health.

Enhancing Enjoyment

Playground markings help to create a playground so enticing that even the most screen-entrenched child can't resist. That's the power of a thoughtfully designed, well-resurfaced playground. It's not just about fixing what's broken; it's about creating a canvas of creativity and joy. With the right playground markings, every game becomes more vibrant, every chase more thrilling. It's like repainting a masterpiece – the same playground, but oh, so much more inviting. This is where education meets enjoyment, where every hopscotch square or game line becomes a source of endless amusement. We can help bring your playground ideas to life, from design ideas and layout suggestions to installation. Get in touch with our friendly experts, or book a free site visit!

Community and Aesthetic Value

custom logo playground marking

When we think of a resurfaced playground, it's not just an upgrade; it's a canvas for the school's spirit and pride. Imagine a playground that mirrors the school's ethos, adorned with a custom-built thermoplastic motto, logo, and core values. It becomes a vibrant declaration of the school's identity, inviting every child, parent, and staff member into a shared community space. Custom playground markings help embody the school's unique character, turning it into a living, playful representation of what the school stands for – unity, learning, and joy. This isn't just a play area; it's where the heart of the school beats the loudest.

Design and Functionality Improvements

Envisioning the playground of the future? That's what resurfacing can lead to. It's a chance to rethink, redesign, and revolutionize. This isn't just maintenance; it's an upgrade. With resurfacing, we have the golden opportunity to re-imagine how space is used. Can we add a quiet corner? What about a zone for dynamic play? It's about crafting an environment that caters to every type of young explorer and learner, making the playground not just a place to play, but a space to grow.


As we swing to the end of our playground tale, let's recap the joyful journey of resurfacing. It's clear that a well-maintained playground is not just a safety mandate; it's a canvas for health, happiness, and community spirit. Resurfacing is more than refurbishing; it's re-imagining and revitalizing a space that shapes young lives. So, let's leap into 2024 with a commitment to these magical spaces, ensuring they remain safe, inspiring, and brimming with possibilities. Here's to playgrounds that are not just places to play, but spaces where every child's imagination can soar!


Ready to transform your playground into a beacon of school pride and community spirit? Let's make it happen! Imagine a playground that's not just a play area, but a vibrant showcase of your school's ethos, complete with your motto, logo, and values. Get in touch and let's collaborate to create a space that reflects the spirit of your school community. Together, we can design a playground that's not just fun, but a proud emblem of your educational values.

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