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Outdoor Christmas Games for the School Playground

It’s that time of the year! It’s nearly the end of term, Christmas is coming and the excitement of Santa’s visit is beginning to bubble. Although it may not be time to wind down just yet, we’ve come up with some great Christmas playground games and activities to try as we head towards the big day, to bring a little bit of festive cheer to your playground.

Christmas Playground Games

Snowball Toss

target ring playground markings

Bring the winter wonderland to your playground with a snowball toss game. Children can take turns tossing white foam balls onto a target. Depending on the year group's skill level, you can determine the scoring method. It could be as simple as awarding points for the closest snowballs to the center or keeping score for the highest toss. Either way, fun and festive competition are guaranteed.

North Pole Expedition

excercise track playground marking

Transform your playground into a North Pole expedition zone. Create an enchanting world of make-believe where children embark on a thrilling journey to the North Pole. Use imaginative props, like snowflakes, polar bears, and icicles, to spark their sense of adventure.

Santa Says

simon says playground marking

Put a Christmas twist on the classic game of "Simon Says." In "Santa Says," Santa gives the commands, and the children must follow, but only if Santa says, "Santa says." It's a jolly way to keep them active and entertained while reinforcing listening skills.

Christmas Obstacle Course

excercise track playground marking

Why not design a full-blown Christmas obstacle course? Incorporate festive elements like candy cane hurdles, tinsel tunnels, and Christmas tree zigzags. This imaginative course will have the children dashing, climbing, and crawling with holiday enthusiasm.

Reindeer Rooftop Race

excercise track playground marking

Set up a mini obstacle course with small hurdles, and give each child a pair of antlers on a headband. Children can take on the role of Santa's reindeer as they leap over obstacles to reach the rooftop in a race against time. This fun and festive challenge is perfect for boosting agility and coordination.

Penguin Waddle Race

running track playground marking

Picture this: children waddling across the playground with balloons or soft balls clutched between their knees, just like playful penguins. The objective? Be the fastest waddler to reach the finish line. For an added twist, introduce a "pass the ball" version, where players must transfer the ball from their knees to the next teammate without using their hands. If the ball is dropped or touched by hands, it's back to the starting line. The team that completes the race in the fastest is the winner.

Ice Block Treasure Hunt

tuff tray craft table

For those fortunate enough to have tuff trays in their Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) setting, here's a chilly adventure. Freeze small toys in blocks of ice and provide children with simple excavation tools. It's an arctic-inspired treasure hunt where young explorers can chip away at the ice to reveal hidden treasures. This icy adventure is sure to keep them engaged and entertained.


So, as the festive season draws near, infuse your playground with these merry activities to keep the Christmas spirit alive and ensure that the excitement continues to bubble as the big day approaches. Let the joyous play continue!

Our playground equipment isn't just for the festive season; it's designed to be adaptable and versatile, catering to all seasons and events. Whether it's transforming into a winter wonderland for Christmas or becoming an enchanted forest for spring, our equipment can evolve with the changing seasons and inspire creativity in every child. So, as you embark on your journey of festive playground fun, remember that the magic doesn't stop with the holidays. Our playground equipment is here to spark imaginations and create lasting memories, no matter the season or event. Book a free site survey, or get in touch for a chat with our expert team.


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