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Playground Zones

Have you ever wondered about the diverse world of playground zones that makes outdoor spaces even more enjoyable for school children? From the bustling activity side of things, to the calm imaginative zone -

If you're looking for some inspiration as to how to zone off a section of your playground for particularly activities, have a read and see if we can help you create an amazing and inclusive playground experience for all.

kids standing on a playground

Playground zones

Like we mentioned above, playground zones can vary from the kids who love to do nothing more than charge around after each other yelling and screaming at the top of their voice - to the quieter students who thrive in their own small worlds, letting the fun take way through their own imagination.

How can we differentiate these zones?

The obvious thing to say would be signs, in dedicated areas. But have you ever considered playground markings to be an alternative. Marking out a football pitch on the other side of the playground to the designated quiet section could sound too easy, but with the markings and special playground marking designs, playground zones could become a whole lot easier.

Other ways we can differentiate:

- Signage and visual cues

- Unique equipment or structures

- Thematic design elements

- Colour schemes and materials

Having playground zones can also help change the dynamic of your playground. Introducing new markings that children may not have seen before, could be a great way in getting them to engage in new activities, and even start to build new relationships with other students.

Children will often go where the markings are, again meaning they could be encouraged to try a new activity if some thought has been put into the playground design.

Types of playground zones:

- Quiet zones

- Board game zones

- Zones for ball games

- Space for running / chasing games

Looking for a new marking?

mini snakes and ladders playground design

Mini snakes and ladders

- Outlined

Mini snakes and ladders playground marking, 1.8 x 1.8m

Any questions? Contact Us here today, or Arrange a Site Survey with one of our team today to get your project started.

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