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The Best Playground Markings for KS2 Children


In this blog post, we'll delve into the best playground markings for KS2 children. Ones that prompt tales of adventure, stimulate creativity, and help promote physical activity through fun.

Onwards, to the adventure!

Lets look at the best markings for Key Stage 1 children.

1. Hopscotch Playground Marking.

Hopscotch Playground Marking

Visualise a determined lad, eyes locked on the path ahead, leaping between numbered squares with the agility of a cosmic explorer. This timeless game not only improves motor skills and balance but also acquaints them with the fascinating world of numbers.

Hopscotches come in a wide variety of forms, some even have foreign languages instead of English, but we find time and time again that the traditional hopscotch is a firm favourite. Whether that's a tri-hopscotch as the photo above, or a single player hopscotch, it's a firm favourite.

Sports Court Markings

Overhead view of a school playground

Picture two hastily picked teams, a single football stands on the centre spot of a vivid court. Each strategic move, swift dodge, and triumphant goal scored is more than a game; it's an embodiment of health, unity, and sportsmanship on a rectangle of colour.

We offer football, netball, basketball and a range of multi-courts to suit any playground. All of our sports court markings can even be re-sized so that they fit nicely within your playgrounds available space. Check out our blog on multi courts here.

Base Circles.

Base Circle Playground Marking

Nothing allows for imaginative play more than Base Circles. Install 5 or 6 of them around the playground at irregular spacing and watch the children invent their own games. Base? Release'ter? Anyone remember those games? They're low cost, easy to slot into available spaces, can be made in a variety of colours and give superb value for money.

Target Boards Playground Markings

Target Board Marking

Observe a little lass, focused on hitting a vibrant target. Each throw she makes, each target she hits, hones her spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination whilst teaching her the virtues of patience and respect for others' space.

We offer two types of target board. A target ring marking for the playground surface as a playground marking and also target rings which can be mounted into walls.

Piggy in the Middle

Playground Game Marking

Consider a trio engaged in a lively game of keep-away. Amidst their laughter, they're not just tossing a ball around, they're imbibing the core principles of teamwork, fair play, and cooperation, whilst keeping active.

We also offer Double Piggy in the Middle, shown in the photo above, which allows for a variety of abilities to play the game.

Tangle Play

Tangle Play Interactive Playground Marking

Imagine a gaggle of children bending and twisting to match the colourful dots beneath them. This entertaining game enhances body coordination, colour recognition, and above all, weaves strong bonds of camaraderie. Our spinner panel is a great addition to this game too!

Playground Mazes

Maze in a school playground

Picture a band of youngsters navigating through a puzzling maze, each turn, dead-end, and triumphant exit boosting their problem-solving abilities and teamwork.

We can create bespoke mazes unique to your school too!

Exercise Tracks - Fun in the Playground

Playground exercise marking

Oh boy! By far one of the most popular playground markings we install. The exercise track playground markings are huge favourites with the children and whenever we are away on a multi-day installation, the exercise track we installed the day before will be swarmed with children lining up to have a go!

If you only had one marking to pick for your school, this would be the one we'd suggest.

Snakes and Ladders Markings

Snakes and Ladders game for schools

Envisage children navigating a life-sized board game, stepping, jumping, and occasionally tumbling down in this playground rendition of Snakes and Ladders. It’s an engaging introduction to number skills and life’s inevitable ups and downs.


With this vivid array of imaginatively designed playground markings, we're able to offer pupils a play environment that champions creativity, physical exercise, and cognitive development. The goal is to create a rich, engaging, and colourful playground where every child learns, grows, and above all, thoroughly enjoys.

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