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Warranty Information for
Clamber Stacks & Trim Trails.

All Parts and Components – One Year Guarantee.
As registered manufacturers of children’s playground equipment, Signet Play follows the codes and practices outlined in the British and European Standards. By doing this, all equipment for play areas manufactured by Signet Play meet the requirements of BS EN 1176-1:2017 Part 1 – General safety and test methods and all other parts where applicable. Products from the fitness range are manufactured to comply with BS EN 16630 along with the BS EN 1176 standards.

Ropes and Nets – Two Year Guarantee
All rope components are manufactured by third-party suppliers to Signet Play’s specifications. Ropes are made from nylon with steel core with either aluminum or plastic interconnecting junctions. In normal conditions and general use these ropes and associated components are extremely durable, however with misuse their lifespan can be reduced. Ropes and interconnecting junctions carry a two-year guarantee from date of invoice. During this period, any manufacturing defects or defects in workmanship or materials would be covered by our third party supplier and Signet Play will organize a replacement part to be made available free of charge*.

Misuse of rope components, accidental or intended damage or acts of vandalism is not covered by this guarantee.

All interconnecting components such as bolts, nuts, washers, fixings and caps are manufactured by a third party supplier and supplied to Signet Play as per our specifications. All components within this category carry a two-year guarantee from date of invoice. During this period, any manufacturing defects or defects in workmanship or materials would be covered by our third party supplier and Signet Play will organize a replacement part to be made available free of charge*.

Misuse and Accidental or intentional removal or damage of components is not covered by this guarantee.

Any HDPE or plastic components are purchased from a third party supplier. Slides are not modified from the original manufacturer and Signet Play’s units are designed to fit the manufacturers fitting specifications. HDPE is bought in sheet form and using CNC technology is cut and shaped to the appropriate design – this includes any routing or engraving onto the HDPE.

Both HDPE and Plastic Slides carry a five-year guarantee against source manufacturing defects and discoloration due to UV Radiation. During this period, any source manufacturing defects, defects in workmanship or materials or abnormal discoloration due to UV radiation would be covered by our third party supplier and Signet Play will organise a replacement part to be made available free of charge*.

The guarantee does not cover misuse, vandalism or intentional/accidental destruction.

Steel components used as part of the main design or structure are protected from corrosion by a process called ‘powder coating’. The steel is shot blasted to remove any scale or loose particles from its surface, a layer of zinc powder primer is then applied to give additional protection, finally a layer of polyester powder is applied as a top coating to add colour to the product and to give maximum protection against deterioration. The polyester powder coating is applied to a minimum depth of 75 microns, corrosion Class 3 (conforming to BSEN 6497). This meets with DF412 and is tested to 150 3758 (salt spray and grid cut tested to DIN 50017).

Steel components can have an additional process of galvanizing at additional cost and if specified at the point of ordering the unit. Galvanizing does not increase the length of the guarantee and is an option recommended for harsher environments such as units sited in coastal areas for example.


These components carry a five year guarantee from date of invoice. This guarantee covers the re-shot blasting, primer coating and powder coating of the equipment only. In certain circumstances, Signet Play may elect to replace the component in its entirety however Signet Play reserves the right to make the final decision as to whether to repair or replace the effected components.


The timber used in the manufacture of Signet Play’s Clamber Stacks and Trim Trail equipment is supplied in one of three grades known as EvaRound 10, 15 and 20. The number corresponds to the number of year’s guarantee that the timber carries with it.

  • EvaRound 10 – 10 year guarantee

    • Specially selected timber usually from UK or European sources.

  • EvaRound 15 – 15 year guarantee

    • Specifically sourced material, usually Radiata Pine.

  • EvaRound 20 – 20 Year Guarantee

    • Produced by quarter sectioning a larger timber to relieve stress and minimize cracking where possible.

    • Can be produced from a selection of timber species.

    • Must be installed on Steel Feet

All Signet Play’s timber is pressure treated against wet rot, dry rot and insect infestation using our onsite pressure treatment vessel and computerised treatment system.

Our mixed softwoods are specially selected from sustainable forests and are pressure treated with the latest formula of timber treatment that conforms to the efficacy requirements of BS EN 599. Timbers are treated in accordance with the penetration and retention guidance given in BS EN 8417 for a desired Use Class of 3 or 4.

Although carefully manufactured, processed and treated, timber is still a natural product which will inevitably react to the conditions in which it is subjected to, this process is called Cracking or ‘Shakes’.

Cracking (or as it is technically termed ‘shaking’) is a result of when the timber reacts to the moisture content within the air. During a particularly dry and hot period the moisture retained in the timber will evaporate and the timber will naturally contract which will cause cracks or ‘shakes’ to appear. Similarly, during prolonged periods of wet or colder weather the moisture will be re-absorbed by the timber and the cracks will close up as the timber expands. Cracks can appear on any part of a timber including around bolt fixings and other processed sections, this should not affect the structural integrity of the unit.

Any shaking that does occur shall only be deemed a problem if it creates an entrapment, as outlined in the European standards (BS1176). The width of a crack on a timber must exceed 8mm to be deemed unfit for continued use and eligible for a replacement.

The varying species of softwoods that are used in our timber playground equipment all react differently when faced with changing weather conditions. Some are more prone to shaking than others, but we can guarantee that they will all ‘breathe’ in this way over the course of the seasons which is a perfectly natural occurrence.

Should a timber fail within its guarantee period due to rot or excessive cracking/shaking, Signet Play will organise a replacement timber to be made available free of charge*.

Steel Feet are an option on most of Signet Play’s Clamber Stacks & Trim Trails. The purpose is to remove any in-ground contact with the timber as the vast majority of cases of premature timber failure occurs at ground level. Steel feet are manufactured by a third party manufacturer and are supplied to Signet Play based on our requirements and specifications.

Steel feet are made from galvanized steel and carry a twenty-year guarantee against premature failure, manufacturing defects or defects in workmanship or materials. Should premature failure of a steel foot occur within this twenty-year period, Signet Play will organize a replacement steel foot to be made available free of charge*.

Timber guarantees do not include any cosmetic issues, e.g. hairline cracks up to cracks classed as entrapments, scratches, splintering, fading colour or any discoloration due to weathering.

Modifications of any component or timber would automatically void any guarantee offered either from Signet Play or from our third party supplier. Should a timber require modification (for example additional drill holes or cross cutting/shortening), the timber would need to be returned to Signet Play’s plant for re-treatment.

We recommend every unit is annually inspected and all nuts and bolts are ‘nip tightened’ to compensate for any micro-movements in the timber caused by general use or expansion and contraction due to weathering. Guarantees are only valid if the applicable items have been correctly maintained and inspected in accordance with Signet Play recommendations and the annual inspections are logged by the unit’ owners or by the managers of the site where the unit is situated.

The components and timbers would not be guaranteed against any misuse, or if they have been subjected to neglect, accidents or vandalism. Any failures resulting from vandalism, abnormal use, incorrect installation or lack of maintenance is not covered by this guarantee.

For any claim against premature failure of any component or timber, proof of purchase will need to be provided to Signet Play either in the form of the original purchase order or the dated invoice for the unit. Signet Play reserves the right to refuse any claim without the production of these documents should the need arise.

*Signet Play are not responsible for any costs relating to the dismantling, uplifting any goods from site, reassembling, returning the goods to site, any additional transport costs or any consequential loss whatsoever.

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