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Multi Court Playground Markings

Multi court playground marking image

What are Multi-Court Playground Markings?

Multi-court playground markings are where we combine various sports courts into one area. This allows schools to maximise the available space by having different types of courts marked out in the same space. MUGA (multi-use games areas) would also be another way to describe these mutli-courts.

An example of such would be the image above which shows our multi court two playground markings with a netball court, in yellow, with three small 5 a side football pitches in white. This allows schools to offer a multitude of sports without requiring vast expanses of playground space.

We can design and install any courts to fit within the available space on the playground allowing you to efficiently utilise limited space to accommodate activities such as basketball, tennis, and football all in one bespoke court.

Benefits of Multi-Court Playground Markings

Versatility and Multi-Use

Our multi-court playground markings are incredibly versatile, allowing a seamless transition between a wide array of sports such as exercise tracks, basketball, tennis, netball and football — all on a single surface. This promotes higher levels of student engagement, as children are more likely to find an activity that piques their interest.

Safety Aspects

Properly designed markings can guide students during play, reducing the chances of accidents and collisions as the sports courts are in a designated area. They also come with anti slip properties. Additionally, these multi-purpose courts are easier to supervise, enhancing the safety of your students while they enjoy a range of physical activities in an area which is specifically for high energy team sports.

Enhancing Physical Education Classes

Multi-court playground markings take physical education to the next level. P.E. teachers have more options and flexibility in instructing different sports and exercises, thanks to the various markings available all in one designated area.

Two sports court markings

Types of Multi-Court Playground Markings

All of the following courts can be installed onto your playground within the same area.

These markings consist of free-throw lines, three-point lines, and centre circles, providing a complete basketball experience.

Featuring baselines and service boxes, tennis court markings are straightforward but crucial for the game.

The football enthusiasts will appreciate the detailed markings, including goal areas and centre circles.

These courts come with shooting circles and transverse lines, making the game more engaging and fun

A superb way of providing a fun playground marking which promotes physical activity. Take a look at some more examples here of our activity trails ( exercise tracks ).

Multi court comprising of a netball court and an exercise track playground marking

What Materials do we use for Multi Court Playground Markings?

For over a decade, we have been using thermoplastic playground markings, for all our multi court playground markings we install.

What are Thermoplastic Playground Markings?

Thermoplastic playground markings are durable and vibrant plastic material with slip resistant proerties. The material is UV-resistant, ensuring that the designs maintain their brightness over time, even in direct sunlight. Moreover, thermoplastic markings are slip-resistant and exceptionally hard-wearing, capable of withstanding heavy use without fading or wearing away. This makes them both a safe and cost-effective solution, as they require minimal maintenance and have a long lifespan. See our history on thermoplastic playground markings here.

Design and Customisation

If you're seeking something truly unique for your playground, we're delighted to offer our playground design service. While we take great pride in the variety and quality of our existing designs, we understand that you may have a vision that calls for something more bespoke. Our team of skilled designers is on hand to collaborate with you and bring your playground ideas to life.

Colourful multi court markings

The Process

Step 1 - Playground Survey

We meet with you at your school, so we can discuss your playground marking needs,

and where we can offer our expertise and experience to help you.

Step 2 - Design & Quote

After the site visit, our team will develop an imaginative design tailored to your requirements and aligned with your budget.

Step 3 - Manufacture

Our skilled production team will then commence manufacturing your order, but only when you are completely satisfied with everything.

Step 4 - Installation

Our team, consisting of trained and qualified members, ( all DBS checked ), will install your markings on a date that suits your convenience.

Cost and Budgeting

Initial Costs

The cost of our multi-court playground markings varies depending on the size and complexity of the overall project. We also offer pricing details for multi courts and sports courts in our sports court markings page.

Check out our Guide to playground markings here - A School's Guide to Playground Markings.

Case Studies

Schools That Benefited

Explore our latest case studies to see how we have helped revitalised other play areas with our state-of-the-art playground markings. Focusing on creating unique spaces for every school, durability, and value for money, we have implemented multi-court layouts using high-quality thermoplastic materials in many schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Check our FAQs here or please contact us for more information or to book a site survey.

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