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The Enlivening Journey of Playground Markings at Ladygrove Park Primary School

A Detailed Exploration of Thermoplastic Playground Markings Installation

overhead view of playground markings plan

Primary School in Focus: Ladygrove Park Primary School

School's Locale: Didcot, OX11 7GB

When Ladygrove Park Primary School reached out to us with the idea of revitalising their playground, we were thrilled to lend our expertise. Our mission was to transform the school's outdoor space into a vibrant, engaging, and educational play area that would enhance students' learning experience.

Let's dive into the specifics of this exciting project and discover the magic behind thermoplastic playground markings!

Our initial interaction with the school began with a free site survey. One of our dedicated playground specialists was dispatched to the school for a thorough examination of the available playground space. This step was crucial to understand the physical dynamics of the area and explore the potential it held for transformative designs.

This in-person visit provided a valuable opportunity for our team to engage with the school's staff. The goal was not just to present our products but to educate the team about the numerous options and possibilities that playground markings offer.

By elucidating the benefits, durability, and safety aspects of our products, the school was empowered to make a well-informed decision, selecting the playground markings that would best meet their unique requirements and aspirations.

After much deliberation and insightful conversations, the school chose a diverse selection of our playground markings that promised an invigorating blend of fun, fitness, and imaginative play for a broad range of ages.

exercise track marking in a school

  1. Exercise Track: This thermoplastic playground marking is a firm favourite amongst our clients. The dual-zone exercise tracking marking provides a space where children can keep fit, engage in healthy competition, and, most importantly, have fun. This track layout offers versatility as it encourages various games and physical activities, promoting overall physical fitness and coordination skills.

  2. Duck Duck Goose: A timeless classic, this fun game never ceases to stir laughter and excitement amongst children. The simplicity of the rules, involving 'it' designating 'ducks' and 'geese' amongst the participants, makes it a hit across various age groups. The thermoplastic playground marking for Duck Duck Goose ensures that the game's structure remains visually accessible and inviting at all times.

  3. Tangle Play: Inspired by the popular game of Twister, this playground marking introduces a fun and interactive element to the playground. We also offer corresponding wall panels to bring in an additional aspect of play with a spinner, offering a new twist to the game.

twister playground marking in a school playground

Our expertise extends beyond the careful selection of the right markings; it lies in the meticulousness of the installation process. To ensure longevity and maximum performance, we executed the installation on the tarmac surface of the school playground with precision.

Each marking's placement was chalked out before a primer was applied, providing the markings with an extra 'bite' to ensure they adhered firmly for years to come.

The thermoplastic markings were then heat-applied, melting them into a thick liquid that filled all the nooks and crannies of the playground surface. Once cooled, the markings solidified and bonded completely with the surface, thereby promising a durable and vibrant play area that would stand the test of time.

playground marking game in a school

It's our goal to ensure that every school playground is a hub of joy, learning, and growth. Whether you're seeking inspiration for a playground makeover or need assistance with playground marking removal, we're just a call away.

Our friendly team is ever-ready to help, offering a seamless, professional service that places your needs at the forefront.

Remember, a school's playground is much more than a break-time location; it's a space where young minds create, learn, and grow. The right playground markings can go a long way in enhancing this transformative journey.

So, let's together create a vibrant and dynamic playground that our children will love!

Check out some of our installations here to see how we do it!


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