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Birmingham's Playground Marking Specialists

Are you looking to create a vibrant & engaging play space for children in Birmingham?

Look no further! We transform playgrounds with our thermoplastic playground markings, a cost-effective and durable solution for schools and play areas.

Looking for a playground marking company that covers Birmingham?

With a legacy dating back to 1971, we have solidified our position as a trusted authority in playground installation throughout Birmingham. Our dedication and expertise have propelled us to integrate Thermoplastic playground markings into our projects over the last decade, guaranteeing not just imaginative designs but also creative, resilient outcomes. We proudly serve all areas in Birmingham, providing top-notch playground solutions that enhance play and learning spaces in schools. For playground markings in Birmingham that are both creative and enduring, we're your go-to experts.


As your local playground specialists in Birmingham, we take pride in offering comprehensive coverage across every borough and district. We ensure that all schools have access to top-notch playground solutions that not only enrich play and learning spaces but also inspire creativity and growth. For Birmingham's finest playground markings that seamlessly blend creativity and durability, look no further – we're your foremost experts in the field.




So how does it work?

Our Process

Revamp your Playground with Thermoplastic Markings in Birmingham

Our thermoplastic playground markings prioritize safety by incorporating non-slip surfaces that mitigate the risk of accidents, thus establishing a secure and enjoyable environment for students. By opting for our thermoplastic markings, schools have the opportunity to elevate their playgrounds, encouraging physical activity, stimulating imagination, and fostering a sense of community among students, all while ensuring a durable and easily maintained solution.


Furthermore, our thermoplastic markings offer an extensive range of customisable designs, empowering schools to fashion distinctive and captivating play areas that align with their educational objectives. Whether the preference is for traditional games, educational themes, or bespoke graphics, these markings can be adapted to cater to specific curricular needs and promote creativity for all schools in Birmingham.

Types of Playground Markings

Areas we cover

  • Birmingham

  • Edgbaston

  • Moseley

  • Selly Oak

  • Harborne

  • Kings Heath

  • Solihull

  • Sutton Coldfield

  • Handsworth

  • Aston

  • Erdington

  • Bournville

  • Sparkbrook

  • Yardley

  • Acocks Green

  • Sheldon

  • Digbeth

  • Jewellery Quarter

  • Bordesley Green

  • Ladywood and surrounding areas

Custom Playground Markings

Custom-designed thermoplastic markings bring numerous advantages to playgrounds. They lend a personal touch, transforming play areas into vibrant, exciting spaces that captivate children's interest. By integrating patterns and colors that are specific to a school, these markings cultivate a sense of pride and belonging among the student body. Furthermore, they are instrumental in promoting both active play and educational learning.

Please refer to the case studies below. These examples highlight the universal effectiveness of custom thermoplastic playground markings, tailored with school-specific symbols and colors.

Case Studies

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