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Case Study: Playground Markings at Tywardreath School

A Comprehensive Case Study of Playground Markings at Tywardreath School

As leading experts in school playground designs, we take immense pride in transforming outdoor spaces into creative, fun-filled arenas that stimulate both physical activity and imagination. Recently, we were privileged to collaborate with Tywardreath School in Cornwall, aiding them in realising their dream playground markings.

Let’s walk through this incredible journey from the initial discussions to the final, satisfying outcome as we create the perfect playground experience.

Playground marking exercise track

Step 1: Discovering School's Vision

Our journey with Tywardreath School commenced with a free site survey and meeting with school representatives. Like every client, they had unique needs, aspirations, and current challenges with their existing playground, which they hoped to address with the new design. Our role was to understand, empathise, and find effective solutions to these issues.

As part of our initial consultation, we immersed ourselves in understanding their vision, taking detailed notes of their expectations and preferred improvements. Then, equipped with our experience and knowledge, we presented a range of tailored suggestions to tackle their concerns and enhance the overall playground experience.

Step 2: Crafting the Perfect Playground Experience

With a clear understanding of the school's vision, our creative juices began to flow. Our design team drafted multiple potential layouts that captured the school's goals and offered the best use of their available space. The presented designs vividly depicted how their playground could be transformed and rejuvenated.

Much to our delight, the school was thrilled with our innovative playground marking designs. Their anticipation for the finished product was palpable, further motivating us to deliver an end result that would surpass their expectations.

Musical playground marking

Step 3: Expert Installation of Playground Markings

The D-day arrived, and we reconnected with the school to ensure that the final design still aligned with their vision and that no last-minute changes were needed. Once all details were double-checked and approved, our skilled and certified installation team (all DBS checked and CSCS qualified) got to work. We ensured that the installation was carried out in a secure area, guaranteeing the safety of the school environment while we worked to transform it.

Step 4: Post-Installation Playground Marking Verification

Following the completion of the installation process, we conducted a thorough review of the playground markings to affirm they met our rigorous quality standards. This involved checking the durability, safety, and overall aesthetics of the markings.

True to our expectations, the school was overjoyed with the final product. The refreshed playground was an immediate hit among the students, who enthusiastically utilised it during break times and after school. Seeing the playground bustling with activity and laughter validated our efforts and reinforced the rewarding nature of our work.

We firmly believe that every child deserves a safe and fun-filled space to play and learn. We bring this belief to life with our bespoke playground markings. Whether you're considering revitalising your school's playground or a community park, we're here to help. We'll collaborate with you to design a playground that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

crocodile playground marking

For more information, please feel free to contact us today. Let's work together to create a playground that will be cherished for years to come!


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