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Gloucester's Playground Marking Specialists

Are you looking to create a vibrant & engaging play space for children in Gloucestershire? Then look no further!

We transform playgrounds with our thermoplastic playground markings, a

cost-effective and durable solution for schools and play areas.

Transforming Playgrounds in Gloucestershire since 1971

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, our company has established itself as a trusted leader in installing playgrounds. Our long-standing commitment to excellence and our wealth of knowledge, we've been using Thermoplastic playground markings for over a decade, to ensure a lasting result. 

Beyond their durability, our thermoplastic playground markings are fully customisable, allowing schools to integrate unique elements like logos and emblems into their bespoke designs. This flexibility empowers schools to craft a truly personalized play area tailored to the specific needs and interests of their students.

By choosing our thermoplastic playground markings, you're investing in a durable, visually appealing, and educational addition to your school's outdoor spaces. Create an inspiring play environment that fosters both fun and learning for your students.

From Playground Survey to Installation

Areas we cover

  • Gloucestershire

  • Cheltenham

  • Stroud

  • Tewkesbury

  • Cirencester

  • The Cotswolds

  • Dursley

  • Wotton - under - Edge

  • Tetbury

  • Nailsworth

  • Lydney

  • Coleford

  • Moreton-in-Marsh

  • Cinderford

  • Berkeley

  • Stonehouse

  • Painswick

  • Winchcombe

  • Lechlade

and surrounding areas

Revamp your Playground with Thermoplastic Markings in Gloucestershire

Thermoplastic playground markings are an innovative way to enhance school playgrounds and play areas.

Made from a durable material called thermoplastic, these markings are applied to asphalt surfaces using heat, creating a

long-lasting and visually stimulating play environment for children. From traditional games to educational designs, thermoplastic markings offer a wide range of options to suit any outdoor space.

In addition to their durability, thermoplastic playground markings are customisable, allowing schools to incorporate unique elements such as logos and emblems into their bespoke school markings designs. This flexibility enables schools to create a truly personalised play area that caters to the specific needs and interests of their students.

Besides being visually appealing, thermoplastic markings also promote active play and learning among children. They provide a safe and engaging environment for children to interact with traditional games, educational designs, and sports lines, fostering physical activity, imagination, and social skills.

Types of Playground Markings

Custom Playground Markings

Thermoplastic playground markings, custom-crafted for each school, offer a wealth of benefits. They infuse play spaces with a unique charm, creating lively and engaging areas that capture children's imagination. The incorporation of school-specific designs and colors fosters a sense of identity and community among students. Additionally, these markings are crucial in encouraging active, playful learning.

For a clearer understanding of their impact, please see the case studies below. These instances demonstrate the widespread success of tailored thermoplastic playground markings, customized with distinctive symbols and colors relevant to each school.

Case Studies

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